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tv   Jeh Johnson James Comey and Nicholas Rasmussen Testify on ISIS Threats  CSPAN  July 14, 2016 8:07pm-10:50pm EDT

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with the republican house or governor. republican that was exciting victory brought a lot of new people to the table. fast forward to this year, we had four times as many people participate in the caucus that we did in 2012. people from maine are excited. maine is turning into a purple state. star to pass things like this, it will hurt us from becoming purple. >> anyone else would like to be recognized in support? mr. blackwell. >> i have a point of information, he did not announce the corrected totals on the boat of the previous question. a lot of us were interested in that. >>, to make certain i get it from those who tabulate it. can we have a final tabulation? yeahs, 39 nays.
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>> i will request a division on the boat on this amendment. thank you. is there anyone else would like to be recognized in opposition? the gentleman from south carolina. for registration of my party and closed primaries. this issue is in our platform. louisianaittle from openhe is under the primary system his whole life and we should reflect about why that is the case. particularly in the south. you all should google this, many court cases from the 1930's and 40's of the democratic party using closed on mary's -- conventions to discriminate
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against african american brothers and sisters. this is why the case in the south, it is important to remember the history. this is a very sensitive issue as delegate barbara alluded to earlier in the south. it takes one vote to block legislation such as this. that is been the case in south carolina for a couple of decades. as you know, south carolina does not take kindly to doing things at the point of a federal spear. i urge opposition to this amendment based on that. thank you very much. >> the point of order, madam chairman. it --e vote was 78-39, >> it was 70-39. >> begging your pardon. at thisrobably slurring point at night. it is only diet coke, i promise.
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are there others who wish to be heard with where we left off? wish to be recognized in support. mr. ash. >> thank you. i want to thank you for the way you have conducted the meeting so far today. i once be for very long because i know we all want to leave and go back to our hotels. a pretty red i host a radio show most every saturday afternoon. probably the most constant question i get is the complaining about our elected officials who are republicans. by independence. if we had more senators like mike lee house members like steve pearce, and if i lived in those states perhaps i would not have as many questions as i do sometimes in the state of arizona, i often say to my republican colleagues in this
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very red state of arizona, where is the independent party headquarters located? where do we go to complain to the independent party chairman or national committee people? blue andates that are states that aspire to be purple and purple state that aspire to be read states, we need to elect more republican elected officials and while we may have more elected republican officials in this country today, in large part to do the work done here at the rnc, that any time since the 1920's, the best way for us to get more republican officials elected is to have closed primaries to hold our republican officials accountable for the work that they do to get conservative elected republicans in the way we do it is we close our primaries. thank you very much. >> the gentleman from vermont
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has been waiting most patiently. are you rising to speak and support or opposition? >> opposition. andink we've already spoken states that are must be opened by our laws, to take this opportunity for those of my friends amongst the grassroots to not be scared or for these did i think many of my colleagues in those blue and purple states can attest to, we have the message and i'm a part of a group of eight that got elected as freshmen in our state last year that for the first time in over a decade that the democrats lost their super majority. yes, they still have the majority, but as we talked about earlier madam chair, once we have the governor, we will be
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able to sustain the veto and make change. i got there by a lot of very progressives voting for me because i went to every door and i gave them the message. and we the message cannot rely message. fear thecannot message. i say, don't fear us because we have good conservatives and our state and our message will prevail. thank you, madam. >> thank you very much, sir. anyone else who rises to speak in support? mr. lee. us to party is that we have differences from the other people who were not part of our party. we will cease to be a party if we allow others to vote in our elections and determine our candidates who don't share our values. in any political election, anytime there is a political
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consultant involved, you will hear from that political the need tobout draw contrast. identify different between the candidate you are supporting, a candidate that the consultant is advising and the other candidates. when we don't have closed primaries, we don't have some system, it draws a distinction between us and the other people. those who are republicans and those who are not. we lose. one of my favorite movies, what about bob? twoe to cap to people, -- kinds of people, people who like neil diamond and people who don't. there are two kinds of people who participate in american politics. republicans and those who are not. if we want to be conservatives if they want to have a party that is conservative, we have to be the republican party. there is no other. but if we allow others to vote in our contest, if we have voteed -- allow others to
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for us, who will run under the logo of the elephant. or an and ourng own calls for extension. ,lease, if you believe in this if you have to draw contrast, please support this amendment. [applause] guests thatmind the any indication of support or opposition is not proper from the gallery. thank you. at this point, it have others who wish to rise in opposition? the gentlelady from california. comments to start my are putting out that california has a closed primary for presidential selection for republicans and not for the democrats. you all are sophisticated enough to know for that affect has on our participation.
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this route would benefit california -- rule would benefit california. given our 169 current elected delegates we would get for additional delegates. i'm still opposed to this motion for the reason of the premise. i heard senator lee make an impassioned, come i agree with him. i like having a closed primary and i like having the ability to myself.tiate but the premise that a girl like this -- rule like this, even 100% bonus, any sort of incentive impact from that democratic or purple legislature to change the law to help the republicans outcome is a fallacy. it is a logical fallacy. it is not going to happen. to the contrary, you're putting a bull's-eye on our back. the democrats love the fact that california is technically datede the primary cutoff
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of the rnc. we are only here by virtue of a waiver that we got. the democrats have no interest in california republicans been able to vote in affect the impact of these races. it is a perverse incentive that you are delivering by supporting this amendment in anything other than a red state. >> thank you. are there others who wish to be heard and support? >> from washington state. i would to address two points. once is from the gentlelady from california. this does not require the state legislature cap at any laws. it is putting the onus on the state party to determine who is being republican. they can, with a lot of creative ideas on how to do that 30 days before the primary. sending in a survey or donating five dollars, anything they want. you need to be done 30 days before and has nothing to do with the legislature or state laws. also want to bring up the point that we should stand for the
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freedom of association. that we have the right to stand together as republicans and we should uphold that required you to vote in favor of this. >> others who wish to be heard who do not support the amendment? the gentleman from new hampshire. >> madam chairman, in addition to not supporting the amendment, we've had 20 minutes more of debate, we has a very well articulated arguments by sen. lee: others, i think all of us understand the issue and i would like to move to the previous question. >> point of order? there is no debate on the motion. excuse me? >> i spoke against the amendment and the culprit is question. -- then called previous question. in favor ofose ending debate on this issue please stand.
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if you would please just remain in place. some of you who think you are have been counted move. and when you do that, that counters who are verified account from another position get very confused.
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do we have a tally on those in favor? please be seated. all those opposed to previous question, though i can't imagine why he would be at this point, please stand. this point, be at please stand. [laughter] know what we have left a debate about it. please be seated. we have the tally please. passes.evious question excuse me, 30. . 98-30. . we will move directly to a vote on the amendment itself. all those in favor of adopting amendment 14.10, please stand.
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all those in favor, please stand. all those opposed, please stand. the chair is no longer in doubt. these be seated. the motion fails. one more amendment. .et me suggest
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>i did not finish counting, the care was no longer in doubt. -- chair was no longer in doubt. the chair make certain that the chair rules correctly. risingision is simply a vote. it is not accounting vote unless it is called corporate mr. blackwell, if you would please approach the microphone. >> madam chairman, i request a record vote. i move for a record vote. >> second. all of those in favor of a record vote, please stand. let's see if we have 20%.
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i'm informed by the parliamentarians that we need to have 23 members to have a standing vote. tell me how many we have. 31. please be stated -- seated. we will have a counted vote. it is a record vote. so i'm going to ask our vice chairman, mr. kaufman, to come and read the role of the membership. >> alabama. alaska.
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no. fred brown. american samoa. [indiscernible] arizona, linda. yes. bruce ash, yes. arkansas. hamilton. jonathan. no. california, doug. no. no. colorado. [indiscernible] connecticut.
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delaware. richard. emma burroughs. district of columbia. jill holman. no. thank you. florida. susan liles. georgia, randy evans. >> no. >> speaker movement, thanks. uam. -- g donna jones. hawaii. nathan p. >> no. >> idaho. >> yes. illinois.
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>> no. >> demetra, indiana. john hammond. >> no. >> no. >> iowa. >> yes. >> stephen. >> no. >> kansas. >> no. >> kentucky. kelly kraft. louisiana. >> yes. >> ross little. maine. marianne kenny. maryland. >> yes. massachusetts.
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>> no. >> michigan. judy. >> no. >> matt, minnesota. >> yes. >> mississippi. >> no, sir. >> missouri. >> no. >> patricia thomas. >> no. >> montana. >> yes. >> nebraska. >> no. >> nevada. jordan ross. >> no. >> new hampshire. >> no! >> new jersey. >> no.
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serotta.ine > new mexic. rosie trip. ralph. >> no. >> north carolina. >> yes. ck.thomas sto north dakota. ohio. >> no. >> oklahoma. gary jones. megan winburn.
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oregon. >> guess. -- yes. >> puerto rico. rhode island. >> yes. >> south carolina. moore. south dakota. >> no. >> tennessee. betty cannon. texas. save? -- steve? >> no.
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>> utah, mike lee. vermont. >> no. >> no. virgin islands? valerie. >> abstain. virginia. >> yes. >> washington. >> yes.
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west virginia. >> no. stewart. wisconsin. wyoming. least.t not >> yes. thank you. madam chairman. >> besser. -- yes, sir. forward and heng said yes, i thought. i recognized, we don't have a motion on the floor. >> i would like to make a
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motion. >> you need to wait until we have the results of the vote. they are still going through it. it is going to take a moment.
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apparently we did not receive a vote from sandy. we cannot hear you. thank you. the court reporter did not hear the vote, it was no. a longnk you have had day, imagine what he has been through. be as a point of information. ? the question would be what the intent of the chair would be, we have accommodated multiple extensions of the recess, so is it your expectation that you will be asking for a recess upon the announcement of this vote? >> i have at least one more that came in. i understand how you feel, we are trying to finish that second
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section. let me get the vote announced and then we will see what the will of the body is. >> thank you.
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we have a count. 73 nays, 32 yeas. >> at the risk of being remembered as the fellow in the blue blazer who ruined everyone's thursday night but hopefully be remembered as being the person who gave everyone's friday off, i know you are planning to get done after a 45, i would like to move and then take them vote to see the will of the body that we stay in session, keep going, get our work done tonight. >> we have a motion on the floor. the chair would like to inquire of our legal staff that we know what we are voting on, how many amendments we have had submitted
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for the third section. amendments. there is one to finish. there are nine for the third section and if any of you plan on making additional amendments, raise your hand. how many more? mr.;. semenko. the floor. motion on i'm just informing the body exactly what we have at this point. of,ave nine that we know one that we know of for the second section and the motion has been made to get it done. let's get it done. it in order?
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i believe we adjourn until 8:00 a.m.. >> we can adjourn. if we adjourn, we are done for the rest of the convention. recess. i'm asking if it is appropriate to make the motion at the time. i make a motion until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. andet's go ahead on vote -- a vote. in favor of recessing until 8:00 a.m., please stand. i think i just heard the press relief. we're counting. please stay standing.
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recounting. while they are counting, i will direct the staff come i understand that we have snacks available. we're not going to stop to let people come and get them, i'm going to ask the staff to move as quietly as possible through the ranks to give anyone who would like something to eat. if we could set it up on stations so that people could carefully come down those paths down the side and center. ?ay they sit please be seated. all those in favor of continuing finished? >> git'r'done! >> these are those who are
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opposed. the stop moving around. those who are opposed to the motion to recess, rather than before. you are being counted. who want to stay. >> these other people who would like to stay until we finish our work tonight. lead usou are going to in calisthenics to wake us up. it we have a cap? i don't think the result is in doubt, but let's make -- get the count. 70 in favor and 3 -- 32 in favor of recess and 70 opposed.
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we're just going to stay and get it done folks. [laughter] -- [applause] >> i do have a point of clarification if i may. my question is this, for some of us, it is hard to get here. i received information that we would meet 8-8 today and tomorrow. i waste my family's money to stay the night because i don't need to be here tomorrow, is that what just happened? what are we doing tomorrow? it is up to the will of the body to meet when they choose to meet. >> that was not what was sent so i can make arrangements. that doesn't seem fair. i'm sorry. >> i'm sorry. you would've had to be here today anyway. >> i understand that. but then i could have driven
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home and been there for my boys game tomorrow afternoon. that is my concern. >> i'm sorry. the schedule he received indicated that you would be working tomorrow, now suppose you could drive home. i will get refund of the $250 for my ring tonight? -- room tonight? >> you probably won't like what i will tell you. serving on this committee is a privilege. that weverybody know would begin meeting on wednesday afternoon. we said we would keep meeting as long as was necessary to complete our work. we let you know that it is no longer available on saturday. it is up to the body as to whether you want to keep working tonight and you just voted that you would. i'm sorry that you're upset.
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concerned, the obligations of the rules committee comes to for any party , any travel plans, this is what we signed up for. let's just get it done. we have one more amendment. section two. it is amendment 23.1. b andacts rule number 23 it is submitted by thomas stark of north carolina. mr. stark, you are recognized for the purpose of making a motion. start, we have too and it ishum going on difficult to hear. i would ask once again that the staff as quietly as possible set up drink and snacks on two stations that either ended so people can move forward. i ask you to do it as quietly as possible. you are recognized for the purpose of making a motion. amendmake the motion to
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the new amended 23 be to insert at the end or eligible to participate in the election in question. >> it has been moved. is there a second? moved and seconded. would you like to speak to your motion? >> we passed an amendment earlier this evening that limited a contest to a delegate or alternate who was unsuccessful in seeking the position. prior to that time, we have brought language to the section. what we have faced is in district conventions where there are improper notices, the aggrieved persons are people that were able to attend or did not know about the convention. we also have to comply with state law for our delegates. which can create a problem that might draw a contest.
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for those kinds of issues, we felt like we need broader language that allows us to address the election to be contested by any person eligible to participate in the election. >> thank you, sir. anyone who rises in opposition? mr. ryder of tennessee. >> the language we previously adopted reaffirms the position of the rules of the republican party. that limit contest at the district level two people who participated in the contest and were candidates for the office and were unsuccessful. by offered stark for whom i have the greatest admiration and respect for my neighboring state of
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north carolina, would open this up to people who were not participants and were not , at least the result at a personal level, only at an institutional level. better,that it would be our party would be better served by allowing only those who have actually been candidates and were unsuccessful to file the district level contest. i would urge a no vote on this amendment. >> thank you, mr. ryder. anyone else who rises to speak in support? anyone else who rises? in opposition? seeing on, we will move to directly vote. ai.r of adopting, please nay. it.s have
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that completes her work on section two of the rules. [applause] read each of the rules, numbers and titles for section 30, our final section -- 3, our final section. if you wish to make an amendment, please indicate and we will set that rule aside. if there are no indications that anyone wishes to amend that rule, that rule will not be up for debate. number 26.rule order of business. any amendments to the order of business? any amendments to the order of business? singh none, we will go forward. rule 27. committee reports. and the amendments? any amendments?
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i see one. we will set the rule aside. >> i would like to set aside 26. >> ok. andill set aside numbers 26 27. rule number 28, admission to convention hall. any amendments to rule 28? i see one hand go up. you will set that aside. voting.9, any amendments to 29? we will set that aside. rule number 30. rules of order. any amendment to rule number 30? >> yes. >> we will set that aside. rule number 31. length of debate. any amendments to the length of debate? toi withdraw my amendment rule 31. >> without objection it is
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ordered. 31?other amendment to rule singh not -- >> there will be. >> we will set it aside. rule number 32. suspension of rules. rule number 32. any amendments? i see one. we will set that aside. we are not batting well so far, folks. 33, platform resolution. lee. rule number 34, minority report amendment. >> i have an amendment. 35, motion to table. your expected to give us overnight to work on that, i
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would like to reserve 35. we will set it aside but it will have to be completed tonight. rule number 36, previous question. seeing them -- none. rule number 37, roll call. >> nevada, with the consent of the body, i withdraw amendment 71 -- 37.1. >> do we have another amendment? rule 37 we have been amended. rule number 38, unit rule. we will set that aside. rule number 39, record vote. mr. some income.
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semenko. rule number 41, convention committees. anyone who would like to make an amendment? regarding 38,, with the consent of the body i withdraw amendment 38.2. >> thank you to the gentleman of nevada. 38?other amendments to rule 38?r amendments to rule number 41, convention committees. >> yes. >> we have amendments to convention committees. we will set that aside. rule number 42, temporary rules. right.
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we will have additional rules that are multiple rules and new roles. mr. kendall bomb, we note that 43.have cool new -- -- other amendments that will impact multiple rules? any other amendments that will impact multiple rules? none, now let me also amendmente have any that anyone plans to make to the preamble of the rules? >> i do not. with the greatest ever apologies , i would like to leave commitment 37.1 and 38.2 in the
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care -- que. essentially i am reintroducing it. i apologize to the chair and body. >> thank you. any amendments to the preamble? none, all right at this point -- rise to ask how to proceed rueles.irely new >> do you have one? >> i plan to have two. >> ok. all right, ladies and gentlemen. the only rule that has not been set aside his rule 36.
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s rule 36 and the preamble. all right. are we prepared with the amendments to move forward? let me check with staff. stayed at ease for just a moment. ladies and gentlemen i've been
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informed that a number of the amendments have not been submitted even though you have asked for the rules to be set aside. and i would ask that the body set off a cut offperiod for those amendments to be submitted. i understand that you want to discuss them, we want to give you the opportunity, but if you don't submit them, they can't be loaded into the system. if you have an amendment that you ask to set aside, clearly you are to have the language that you are considering. so, the chair will entertain a amendmentsut off than 9:30 -- no later p.m.. >> what time is it now? to 9:00.inutes
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stand in recess. we need to get these amendments in and i'm baffled why you would not submit them ahead of time. moved and seconded that we will cut off submission of amendments thanr than -- no later 9:30 p.m.. all those in favor? aye. rulese now suspended the and require that all submissions in line 9:30 p.m.. now we will take up a ministry i assume the body would like to take them up as we have them available. that means we will be jumping around, but it means we do not need to stand at ease. is that agreeable to the body? let's begin.
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we are going to start with amendment 33.1. amendment 33.1 which pertains to rule number 33. >> point of information. do we have a quorum? >> clearly. we will move forward with amendment 33.1. submitted mr. roth of nevada. begin withpared to submission of your amendment? >> with the creation of the body, i withdraw the commitment. >> without objection. [laughter] without objection, it is withdrawn.
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all right, the next amendment we will consider is rule 34.1, this .mpact rule 34 the lady from new hampshire, there she is. >> thank you. propose a newo section to rule 34 as follows, when a temporary committee is convenient as a permanent committee, the minority report is presented to the chairman, the chairman shall inquire as to whether any of the signatories of the minority report would like to have their names removed report andrt -- anyone requesting to have the signature removed will have ever immediately -- it admittedly removed.
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>> would you like to address the substance of your amendment? >> this have to do with earlier this week. there were a number of delegates who were misled into signing a minority report on the platform committee. upon learning of the deception, they found there was no clear role which would allow them to have their names removed from the document. i believe our party needs a role to prevent this from occurring and i ask that my fellow delegates support this. >> thank you. before we proceed to further debate come i will ask the staff and people, it sounds like from the side, if you could please lower the level, i keep finding myself getting louder and louder so that i can hear myself over hum.ome -- thank you. the lady from new hampshire has made her motion. it has been seconded. any who wish to speak in
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opposition? going once, going twice, mr. devitus. re: rising in opposition or support? all right. mr. blackwell. to what point the rest? >> i rise to support this amendment. this has, this particular process has been a common the convention rules committee meets on the day convention after the convention has been called to order. again after that generally perfunctory passage of
9:00 pm
report, themmittee rules have specified a time minorityby which reports must be handed in to particular officers. again, that has been a problem. there are other changes that i think ought to be made in this as there may well be an amendment proposed on that particular topic. but the measure of removing commons names is a very occurrence. generally speaking, the presumptive nominee has had an interest in avoiding a floor debate on the minority report. signersound who are the
9:01 pm
on the minority report which has qualified as being 25% of the seek out those people and get them to take their names off. .his happened many times i've never heard of a great difficulty in people having their names off of this although there have been many minority 1976, whichd since is the last time we debated a minority report. none of those minority reports pressure ond the the signers to get there names off. this is a good proposal. >> anyone wishing to oppose?
9:02 pm
he has carried a lot of water in his time. [laughter] all right. anyone else who wishes to speak in support? >> i wanted to take this opportunity to agree with mr. blackwell. urge support for the amendment. >> i am thrilled. see note individuals that wish to be recognized, we will move to a vote. amendment 34.1, aye.e say -- please say it passes.
9:03 pm
we will move to amendment 34.2. and.impact rules number 34 it has been submitted by the lady from louisiana. >> make a motion. >> is there a second? now please give us a reason. >> i want to also take this moment to say i think you have been a great chairman and never disrespect to the former chairman, this is my fourth time, i appreciate your fairness and your allowing people the time to do what they need to do. thank you. >> thank you. ask your support for
9:04 pm
its amendment. if you here in 2012, we did a minority report and because, like i said, the only real worse in my opinion general 12 -- israel 12 which became rule 15. rulerule 12 which became 15. another member, went to the front and said we have 31 signatures and then, to my ended,e, as soon as it the chairman and everybody was gone and we went to try to find them and it appeared likely had been sent on a wild goose chase as we were asking different staff members to tell us where someone was. just for, obviously, we have
9:05 pm
been minority during this session. because,ld pass this start singing god bless america, i appreciate the support. could you enlarge the print? >> oh my heavens, no longer -- no wonder you can reach it. -- read it. i think they are having trouble. rather than going back to get them copy, let's work through
9:06 pm
the night which. the proposed language, line seven. page 54. insert finally and officially after the words at which such page 54., insert the following. see if we can bring that up. that just might fit. the chairman of each committee should remain in the meeting room with such committee at least one hour following the official vote on the report. qualified minority reports should be taken up immediately following the respective committee reports. if there are multiple minority reports, such report shall be taken up in descending order starting with the minority report that proceeds -- received the most petition signatures.
9:07 pm
priority will be given to the minority report filed earlier. the committee #in the minority report, such minority report may be taken up resolution by resolution, rule by role or as a single block report. such options shall be identified at the time the minority report is submitted. in the absence of such a selection, the minority report should be taken up resolution by resolution for committee on the platform or rule by role for the committee on the rules of order. is everyone to play with the language -- familiar with the language? we have had a motion made and seconded. we have heard and expiration and support. anyone who wishes to be recognized in opposition? >> thank you, madam chair. i rise in opposition simply for a couple reasons. to contemplate multiple minority report from a single committee
9:08 pm
which i don't think is consistent with the way we have handled it. it certainly would prolong the process to make it virtually impossible to complete in time. second, it adds a number of provisions that implicate other provisions in the rules which will literally take us backward into this process. as a result, i rise in opposition to the proposed amendment. i would be glad to consider a from the mma. i thought i expressed that what i wanted, maybe i did not write it.he way you like td >> any member has the ability to propose an amendment to the amendment if anyone wishes to do so, all the have to do is seek recognition. is there a member who wishes to rise and support? >> madam chairman, the past practice is beyond the memory of any person in this room.
9:09 pm
there have been in living memory, twice occasions when a single minority report was presented, 1972 over delicate inocation formula and 1976 the reagan versus ford nomination contest. clear that at is ,inority report is presented debated, and decided upon as an amendment to the majority report. to say that all amendments -- theissues on which 25% of convention rules committee has signed the minority report, they all have to be compiled into one is, i think, and outrageous
9:10 pm
suggestion. -- an outrageous suggestion. it is possible to have a number ,f very different provisions the subject of separate minority reports, which by any logic should be considered independently of each other. otherwise, the idea of the minority report is foolish. evernority report would pass if it had a number of different issues and on it. a majority of the convention might support each of the proposed amendments, but if you put many different issues in it, you preclude the possibility of having the majority able to work its will, the majority of the convention, on each of the topics. i think this clarifies what
9:11 pm
happens. >> the gentleman's time has expired. parliamentarian has informed me and i will pass this along as a roberts information, rules of order provide for only one minority report. operatinghen we are in the convention, we operate under the rules of the house and the chair is unaware of what the rule is because minority reports under the rules of the house generally are not allowed and yet we have made specific provisions throughout rules for that to be allowed. we have a little bit of a conflict there. only allows for a single combined minority report. i want to pass that along to you for your consideration since the problem turn has made it clear to me.
9:12 pm
-- parliamentarian has made it clear to me. anyone who would like to rise in opposition? >> from the better, i've seen this movie before. with johnny depp and the pirates of the caribbean and the ship is going to get sucked down into a whirlpool and disappear, that is exactly what this looks like to me. i spend more of my week every week dealing with rules and that is exactly what this looks like to me. what this looks like is a world -- that withdrawal us whirlpool that will drag us down for hours. lpool!s it, whir >> i never thought we would hear a pirates of the caribbean reference. hats off to you.
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[laughter] >> i have two things to address. the first place, i would like to call your attention to the heading of rule 34 which is part of our roles which amends -- rules which amends and overrides robert's rules of order. reports, it is played. -- plural. , would suggest that our rules multiple minority reports secondly, i would like to offer an amendment at the beginning of the sentence, if there are multiple minority reports, i would suggest to start subsection b, right there, and i wouldt to rule 304a,
9:14 pm
like that to start 34 b. your amendment was simply create a . paragraph. >> if there are multiple minority reports. before the word if. >> that is more in the nature of a technical amendment, but i appreciate you bringing it to us. is there a second? any debate? being none, we will move directly to a vote on the amendment to the amendment. this would require that we put new paragraph. nyaays have it. to debate on the main motion. mr. hammond.
9:15 pm
>> a couple points i would like to make. i rise in opposition. this committee will have fully debated all of these issues one kind or the other. there are permutations, iterations, things that could be thought about between now and monday and the minority report could be conceived. the important thing is that we do allow for the minority voice to be heard. we do allow for that in the current rules. it will be heard. but it needs to be heard once with efficiency. it which should be done with fairness. i think our delegates, if they chose to be next week will be fair if there is one presented. but they have multiple minority reports presented, will be seen as an attempt to disrupt and
9:16 pm
unconcerned about it and i raise it because if it is not that, then it becomes a very inefficient way to begin our process and i think to have multiple really reports -- minority reports is not ourthing i feel will serve party well and serve us well at this convention of coming. thank you. >> others who wish to speak in support? the gentleman from colorado. >> thank you. order,sk the point of point of information on this amendment, part of this amendment is the hour requirement for the chair to stay in the room. if the full amendment were to fail, would it be in order to offer that amendment or would that be seen as it has already been offered? >> a piece of that would be in
9:17 pm
order. if the main motion fails, then you have taken off -- let me start that again. you need to do that before we vote on the main motion. you would have to offer an amendment before we vote on the main motion. >> i don't want to strike everything, i just want to make sure, if the whole thing goes down, that we can still vote on having the chair person stay in the room for an hour. i think that is a reasonable -- >> parliamentarians tummy we can do that. >> how would i go about doing that? >> put it in an amendment. >> think you. >> that would be an amendment to an amendment. let me remind you that made filed with the counsel's office no later than 9:30. that leaves you about 14 minutes.
9:18 pm
all right. >> massachusetts. i respect late as this committee to vote no against this particular amendment. i've read 34 possible times, it is perfectly fine. the previous question has been raised. it is not debatable. it is in order. we will move to a vote on the question of closing debate. all those in favor of closing debate on amendment 34.2? those opposed? it. have we will both of the main motion. all those in favor of adoption 34.2, police say aye. nayes habit. -- have it.
9:19 pm
>> to include all of the prior citations to minority reports that have been considered before. mr. buckle indicated there had only been to, because i'm not as old as him, i had somebody to the research and i would like permission to revise and extend this in the remarks. >> you may attach that to your remarks. numberove to amendment 37.1. 37 and hass rule been proposed by mr. ross of nevada who is recognized for the purpose of making a motion. >> thank you, madam chair. i introduced amendment 37.1 as presented. >> a second? i hear a second. would you like to address your amendment. ? >> thank you. i'm going to use the b word
9:20 pm
...binding. i think it is fair, i think it is what millions of voters expect. while i have enjoyed up to this point the many and varied geological discussions on how many parliamentary angels can dance on the head of a parliamentary pin, it is time to put an end to those discussions and to clarify one thing for all, this amendment and one for the following rule that enters the identical language to that rule is meant to do just that. arguments thats have been going on for years rules whether or not the of our party are binding or not. this amendment, and a companion amendment's rule 38 will do just that.
9:21 pm
this particular case, the arguments for the rights of certain delegates to demand a rollcall and somehow allow them to invalidate their binding would be put to rest. i'm a politician. the voters in my constituency, quotedcaucuses, overwhelmingly for donald trump. returningintention of to those people who i rely on to keep me an office by telling them i had some part in turning their vote. it is time after all these years to put an end to this. let's give the people what they expect of their vote. be bitter about this. i don't mean to be confrontational, but for heaven
9:22 pm
sake, the argument needs to be settled or the other. >> i have been asked to remind to by counsel that the 9:30 deadline is rapidly approaching. line, at thee in stroke of 9:30, they will help you finish your amendment. at 9:30 and 10 seconds, you will not have the yourtunity to have amendment drafted. everyone clear? . excellent. oppositionrises in to the amendment? anyone who rises in opposition to the amendment? seeing none, anyone else who rises and support? -- in support. ? >> in 56 contests across the
9:23 pm
country, the caribbean, and out into the pacific, donald trump one almost 14 million votes, he nearly doubled the vote total of his nearest competitor, he surpassed the number of delegates required by over 300 delegates, and yet, among some, there seems to be some sort of question of whether or not he is the presumptive nominee. there has been a lot of battling back and forth, a lot of e-mails and a constant harassment from various people arizona,e country, in we had a presidential preference election where donald trump received over 50% of the vote casts in that election contest. law, all 58 delegates in arizona are required for vote
9:24 pm
for donald trump on the first ballot. donald trump is the presumptive nominee. there should be absolutely no question as to who we will cast our votes for. oftentimesans, we give our elected officials in hard time about campaign one way and governing another, as delegates, we were selected, elected by our state conventions in whatever manner we are out here, we only had to perform one function, but for the candidate we were bound for. vote for the us to cement and for the following and to get this matter finally understood across the country.
9:25 pm
thank you. >> thank you. anyone who would like to rise in opposition? madam chairman, i rise in opposition to this because primarily because it seeks to link a preconvention rule to a conventional. i just submitted an amendment on the same topic that provides satisfaction within rule 37 within the convention rules completely and without mixing pretty rules with convention rules. therefore, i would urge the defeat of this one in anticipation of the complete properly to do this. which i'm sure you will all embrace. [laughter] >> i'm sure they will embrace
9:26 pm
and debate. thank you. other others who wish to rise in support of this amendment? >> thank you. >>this matter has obviously been the subject of more preconvention publicity than any rules matter ever in living memory. it is obviously an important issue. people have changed sides on the issue. there were people like me who theed to repeal requirements in the rules passed by the roman campaign which -- romney campaign which prevented legitimate delegate votes being counted if they cast a vote for somebody who has not met the
9:27 pm
greatly increased threshold. , i attempted in april of 2013 to pass an omnibus repeal of all the amendments that the romney people passed that we could repeal. circumstances changed. moved at our meeting in april, a rifle shop amendment to the rules. focused just on that is enfranchised budget delegates which cause hundreds of delegates to not have their votes counted at the tampa convention. as the primary has progressed, it became clear that the operation of the rules was going two candidates would qualify. -- cruz anduise\
9:28 pm
suddenly from the establishment forces, there are no rules to change. the convention rights its own rules. that lasted until it was ted cruz andt donald trump people might have a majority at this convention and the establishment position changed. said -- previous priebus said we should not amend the rules. rules could be amended and only one of two ways. >> the gentleman's time has inspired. >> after a battle which could split this party. i think when to avoid that. thank you. >> thank you. the staff has just handed me the following. two minutes to the 9:30 deadline. we are going to strictly enforce this. two minutes.
9:29 pm
thank you, mr. blackwell. someone who wishes to rise in opposition? those who wish to speak in support? >> thank you. how mr. blackwell was initially opposed a binding, based on the fact that 22 of the 28 delegates at the national convention in 2012 from iowa voted for a candidate who came in third place even though they did everything legally buy the books was an embarrassment and i don't want to see that happen again. state, a purple state, a new poll came out a few days ago that donald trump is leading by two points. i understand that we had these candidates are bedded -- all vetted.i want to remind everybody
9:30 pm
, if you are looking for a perfect candidate, you will not find jesus christ on the ballot. the people who have been sending these e-mails, it is over. you all of the birds came to roost it when i was informed by the wall street journal that they were going to run a negative ad against me. regarding the unbinding of the delegates. no offense if your dialect is different than mine, but why would you have someone come into my state, who understand that people talk in a midwestern accent and bring someone with a new jersey accent with a distinctive, harsh, new jersey accent to beat up on me. it was not like i was not transparent from day one. people in my state support me overwhelmingly. it is an insult.
9:31 pm
let us get behind our nominee right now. >> thank you, mr. scheffler. are there others that wish to speak in opposition? i see none. are there those that wish to speak and support? -- in support? >> eileen from rhode island. as many of these fine people have received -- i personally have received 440 e-mails to vote my conscience. i have answered every single one of them. were notnses back nice. i was very respectful. let me say this. on 14.1ot turn my back million people that voted for donald trump. i was elected to be a donald trump delegate.
9:32 pm
i cannot dow, .nything to unbind my constituency, at least 300 texted me and e-mailed me from my state that voted for donald notp and said -- you better vote against donald trump. so, i strongly urge us to begin hogging the person next to us, aya, weol by ya -- kumb have a better nominee than the democrats. [applause] >> thank you. are there any people that wish to speak in opposition? does the gentleman rise to support? the gentleman is recognized.
9:33 pm
>> my name is matt hall, i am from michigan. it is an honor to be here. i wanted to speak in favor of this motion. donald trump won michigan overwhelmingly. rules as a convention body, and a body, that those voters came to the polls in reliance on those roles -- on those rules. they are binding. we made rules. when we had a taxpayer-funded primary. all of the candidates and their strategies relied upon these rules including binding. when i was elected as a delegate, it was clear to me that we have a responsibility to honor that commitment that we ruleso our voters and the
9:34 pm
that we will honor their vote and their vote will count. therefore, i fully intend to support mr. donald trump and support the binding under the current rules and i call the previous question. >> thank you, sir. the previous question is in order. all of those in favor of closing debate on amendment number 37.1. the ayes clearly have it. -- ill now vote i will call for a standing vote. will that suffice, mr. blackwell? [indiscernible] >> we will hold a standing vote. we are moving to a vote on the
9:35 pm
main motion. all of those in favor of adopting amendment number 37.1, please stand.
9:36 pm
please be seated. , pleasehose opposed stand.
9:37 pm
thank you. please be seated. the tally of the votes is as follows. are 87. the motion passes. [applause] -- adam chairman from california. i would like to move to lay on the table a motion to reconsider. the parliamentarian just told me that the form of the motion is incorrect. what is it you would like to achieve? >> i would like to end discussion on the think we just voted on. motionn't like to have a to reconsider. i would like to lay it on the table. i would not care to have a vote. >> if you would like to end it,
9:38 pm
you would have to make a motion to reconsider. >> with that and the discussion? end thethat discussion? vote no ondecided to reconsideration, that would end things once and for all. ok, i am a slow learner. >> request for information. motiont correct, not a to reconsider, only those persons who voted against the intended vote -- do i have it backwards? >> the motion must be made by those who voted on the prevailing side. if he voted in favor, he is eligible to make a motion to reconsider. >> those people that voted votest the motion cannot
9:39 pm
to reconsider? >> did you wish to make a motion to reconsider? is there a second? moved and seconded. >> what does that mean? >> name and state. >> fred brown from alaska. >> it means we cannot reconsider this particular amendment. >> thank you. all of those in favor of --onsidering this amendment, do you have another point to make? >> for everyone's edification. vote means we take it up again. >> that is correct. >> thank you for the
9:40 pm
clarification. >> all of those in favor of the motion to reconsider, meaning an aye vote means you want to reconsider and open debate. all of those people, please say aye. all close. the no's have it. -- weeryone's information have passed our 9:30 p.m. deadline. there are a few amendment came in at that point. amendmentse very few that came in at that point though there are still a few coming in to the process. amendment number 38.1.
9:41 pm
is an amendment to rule number 38. it has been submitted by the lady from colorado. she is recognized for the purpose of making a motion. is she here? >> i am from colorado. i would like to move -- i cannot read it. ok. like to add the language -- toe number 30 82 add
9:42 pm
insert the following -- a new sentence. number 38 to add a new sentence. >> it has been moved. is there a second? it has been moved and seconded. would you like to address your amendment? >> does anyone need any information? obviously, this is an important topic to the hearts of many americans. we have all been inundated with the e-mails that have flooded our boxes about barry heartfelt convictions from patriots and people from all walks of life who truly believe in the right to conscious. it is -- conscience.
9:43 pm
the is something that hits basis of our nation. it is why the pilgrims came here and founded our nation. it is a god-given right. it is why we have the bill of rights. that is why you cannot force a doctor to perform an abortion. you cannot force the mennonites to go into the draft. it is systematically at the core of every single american. exercisews people to that right and not be bound by state law. thatupreme court has ruled it cannot happen within a private organization. beyond that, it is a process. how ourliterally founding fathers set up the rule of law, the way our government operates. the party itself is modeling what has been established as the take it delegates who
9:44 pm
extraordinarily seriously, the sanctity of their boats. i am asking that you regard this as the sanctity of the vote that is reflected in the duty and obligation of each delegate to cast a ballot according to their conscience. that is a god-given right that should not be taken away by the rnc, or any party, or this stage. it has been ruled that even with the recent court ruling in virginia that the state cannot actually overstep a boundary and determine the outcome of a vote that is to be left to a delegate alone. >> thank you. are there any who wish to rise in opposition? the gentle man from michigan. i am matt hall from michigan. can win this election and be our next president. in order to do that, we need to allow the record number of
9:45 pm
republican voters who voted for donald trump in our primary to have their voice heard. that means honoring the rules and the commitment of our party to bind the delegates and make their vote count. accordingly, i move to call the previous question. is in previous question order. we will move immediately to a vote on the previous question. all of those in favor of the previous question ending the debate, say aye. the chair is in doubt. we will have a standing vote. two thirds majority is required to pass. all of those in favor of ending debate on this matter, please stand. oh, goodness.
9:46 pm
thank you. please be seeded. all of those opposed to previous
9:47 pm
question, please stand. thank you. you may be seated. the votes are as follows. in favor of previous question equities evan, those opposed,
9:48 pm
21. a clear two thirds majority. the previous question passes. all of those in favor of adopting amendment 38.1 as unru ofd by ms. colorado, please say aye. the nays have it. we will take a standing vote. oh, they tell me i do not have to because i have already declared it and it is clear. we have been counted. we have stood. we will move forward. >> madam chairman -- >> a move to reconsider. a move to reconsider. is there a second? andhere has been motion
9:49 pm
second. all of those in favor of reconsideration meaning an aye vote means we can reconsider and discuss this amendment. all of those in favor of reconsideration, please say aye. have it. there is no further reconsideration of this amendment. let us move forward now to amendment 38.2. this impacts rule number 38. it has been proposed i mr. roth of -- by mr. roth of nevada. >> i have decided to introduce a logo. [applause] [laughter] i am waiting for the amendment to come up. if anyone is asking, i have
9:50 pm
wasised this logo since i 13. that is out of order. let us get a new one. a big, tough, mean looking elephant with tusks. on a guitar.ding he is not mean looking. >> that would be an improvement. >> can we get the staff to bring it up? >> the sooner they will get it up, the sooner i will shut up. madam chair, may i introduce rule 38.2 as presented. >> is there a second? >which you like to speak to your amendment? in this isuage precisely the same as in this
9:51 pm
amendment of rule 307i introduced. if you voted in favor of that, i thank you. for those that chose not to support it, i want to go on record that i understand your concerns. this is allwhen over, there will be no more division on this. we are all republicans. republicans are very individual. that is a fact of life. we can have honest differences. wen we walk out of your, walk out of here together. i am asking to have this to clarify on the issue -- to clarify the role call issue. i had to put my glasses back on and teach. there has been some contention that the unit rule come inherently prohibits binding. i have said for years, it does not. never been arguments on both sides. with rule 37, it is time to put
9:52 pm
this to a rest. let us settle the question once and for all. i need to know my constituents -- the millions of people who vote, they are not rule nerds like me. in and vote for bill jones. if he wins the majority of the votes, they expect him to be the candidate. asking here. am i ask for a yes vote. >> would anyone like to rise in opposition? >> i would like to move an amendment to this motion. i would like to amend the entire repeal it. 38 and >> that is not germane to this particular amendment. you would need to move to strike the entire clause after we have
9:53 pm
dealt with this particular item. >> thank you. >> is there anyone else that wishes to rise in opposition or support of this amendment? mr. lee? >> i rise in opposition. it is important for us to remember that as members of this committee, we can make any change to any rule that we want. choose toes, we can vote for whomever we choose on the floor ultimately assuming the rules allow that. a lot of the focus today has understandably on expanding our party and making its appeal brought her. making those who have felt excluded from it feel more included. that is important. signal the opposite every time we take our rules and clamp down on them further.
9:54 pm
we make it less possible for delegates to exercise their right to have a voice in this process. i think our elections are important. they are essential and fundamental. delegates traditionally have been considered honorbound to decision of their state and they overwhelmingly have done so. historic clay, it has also been the case that delegates have option, some choice on their own to make their own decisions. in the unusual event that they find some binding reason why they cannot do that. at the end of the day, we have to remember that it is important for our presidential nominees to win at two levels. for the primary and the presidency. rules like this are not going to help that. this problem, this angst as we
9:55 pm
will see in a few days will not go away because we paper over it with rules. i say to mr. donald trump, make the case to those delegates that want to a voice. that they should use their voice to support him. do not make the case that their voice should be silenced. it will not help carry it will not help elect him president nor will it help our party in the long run. >> thank you. is there anyone who wishes to rise in support of the amendment? i have a great respect for senator lee as we all do for representing our conservative values. but sir, i have to take issue with you on something. my understanding is that you represent the grass roots. and yet, what i do not
9:56 pm
understand about your logic is you want to ignore what are really the grassroots which are millions and millions of voters that voted for donald trump and transferred the opinion and expression of that opinion through a vote to a couple thousand delegates. to me, if we are really representing the grass roots, and we are really representing conservativism, we listen to those voices and we exercise our responsibility. more importantly, we advance the conservative cause, the only way to advance the conservative cause is through a strong republican party that is united to defeat hillary clinton and the democrats this fall. that is the only way to do it. [applause] there is no one else running for president in this party then donald trump. no other person has said i am running and i will accept your nomination. no one else is vetting vice
9:57 pm
presidents or raising money with republican national committee to repair for the battle. i have been involved in the conservative movement since 1972, 44 years. a precinct chair. a door knock her. a member of the reagan youth brigade. i will tell you that the most important thing to me is that we do not let the left wing take over our country this fall. the only thing standing between that happening is our victory with our nominee and our ticket. it is time, sir, for you and everyone else to come together and say this party will be united and we will defeat the democrats and these motions are a way to do that. and i do applaud you for your service. >> is there anyone who rises in opposition, in opposition? from idaho. i was like to request that future comments by speakers be
9:58 pm
directed to the chair. question. if the sponsor would yield? >> would the sponsor yield to a question? >> a clarifying question. through the i will direct it to him. >> the question is with regard to the language in the amendment. am i reading rules 16 a correctly? that the binding could be through state law, state rule, or just the result of the primary, absent any state rule or state law. you are still bound? you cane all three ways be bound under 16 letter a? requiring as to be
9:59 pm
legal opinion. would you like to address that? -- he gentle the national party rules always serve as primary. the national party rules incorporate the primary -- the national rules incorporate the primary results. the national rules always supersede any state law to the contrary or when there is a contrary rule, any state party rules to the contrary. no state law or no state rule that binds delegates to the outcome of their primary they would nevertheless be bound to the result of the primary pursuant to the national role? -- national rule? >> anyone that would like to rise in support? support.n >> would you like to say anything else?
10:00 pm
>> e-house divided -- a house divided against itself will not stand. if mr. cruz, senator cruz went come up with you but for him? and i said absolutely, yesterday and i said when mr. trump wins, would you? because i know the binding, we are only as good as our word. she said i would. i need to ask all of you, excuse me, i'm very emotional about , are weneed to ask you going to do this together or are we going to be divided? the law says, the rule says that you are legally bound to whom you were standing with. for who you are walking with. i'm only as good as my word.
10:01 pm
and ask you to be as good as your word. a house divided against itself cannot stand. wons the nominee because he 1543 delegates. people came and voted for him so why cannot we as a body come together with the rnc and everyone else and get together and show the whole world and the universe that we are a party, not divided, but we are party of one. [applause] more respectful with my speech. -- try to be more respectful with my speech. i thought i heard a profanity. >that concerned me. >> no. surprisedle bit
10:02 pm
little earlier come from washington state, that there was not allowed to be a little more of a debate on this issue because i think that as we stated earlier, there were some e-mails and i think that when we talk about the word vote, we need to think about how represent our voice. i would like to make an amendment to the amendment. to change the work vote to say count. vote to say cap. i think that is more accurate. we are not actually, we don't have a voice and we don't have a voice as delegates, that may we should change it to account and maybe that might stupefy some things. >> durham them it is not an order because it is not an amendment to the. it would be a separate amendment. your amendment is on order at
10:03 pm
the time. >> thank you. i would like to speak out against the part. thank you. >> anyone else would like to rise to speak in support? support of the amendment? >> thank you. and listenly all day to a lot of good arguments and a lot of different questions, but i felt this one was important enough to speak up and speak my mind briefly. party,jersey are state it was not the state law or the rnc, our party last year got together, we met, we deliberated, we debated and we voted and we determined what are party roles were going to be for our primary in a delegates. that party decision,
10:04 pm
conducted our primary, elected party,egates and is a not by state law or by the rnc, decisionroup made our and we decided to bind ourselves and then we conducted a primary and obviously, back then, we had a different candidate in mind. one 80% of new jersey, nearly 356,000 votes as soesult of that primary and that is why i support this amendment based on the decision we made ourselves and our stay pretty good with that, i call for the previous question. >> the previous question is in order. we will move directly to a vote on closing debate. ?ll those in favor
10:05 pm
any opposed? over two thirds, we may direct way to a vote. all those in favor of adopting ayedment 38.2, police say -- please say aye. ayes happened. we will go to an amendment that -- i know you're going to do. >> that he asked for reconsideration. there is a secondary consideration. it will now vote on reconsideration. if you are voting aye, you are voting to keep debate open. all those in favor of reconsideration? opposed/
10:06 pm
? nayes have it. now you will consider an amendment of steve king from wisconsin. as he is approaching the microphone, i simply need to take this point of personal privilege tuesday mr. king, -- thesay mr. king has devoted last year of us have to be the chairman of the committee on arrangements which is the committee that puts on this convention and he has done an incredible job as you will all see next week and i just want to personalnow with my appreciation for the work put in on the convention. it is externally. -- extraordinary. [applause] this is amendment 40.2.
10:07 pm
you are recognized for the purpose of the motion. >> can you all read it? this replaces the existing 40 b. it reads as follows. beginning with the 2020 national convention and each convention thereafter, each candidate for nomination for the president of the united states and vice presidents of the united states shall demonstrate the support of a plurality of the delegates statesch of five or more prior to the presentation of the name of that candidate for nomination. notwithstanding any other with division of the trolls, or any rules of house of representatives to demonstrate the support required by this paragraph, a certificate evidencing of plurality with a number of permanent delegates from each of the five or more states so have submitted to the secretary of the convention not later than one hour prior to the
10:08 pm
names of the candidates pursuant to the rule and established order. it has been moved and seconded. would you like to speak to the amendment? present atus were the 2012 convention in tampa. several of us were on the rules committee. timeopted a rule at that that went to the floor and was adopted, was passed by the delegation but not without some concerns. that was then, this is now. let's move forward. is -- and proportions amendment proposes we return to the traditional five states instead of the eight and a plurality is that of a majority. we had five states as the marker for many nominated
10:09 pm
decades. we changed that for years ago and we moved from a majority to plurality in 2008 or something like that. i would like to think that this kind of amendment serves that which we heard from the judgment purpose, bring us together, something we can all agree to. to beyond that, i would like make sure that we get through this before entertain any amendment. >> thank you. anyone who would like a rise in opposition? opposition -- are you rising in opposition? am i not in -- order? i appreciate the opportunity. opportunitymend the
10:10 pm
forms certificate, upon , --ided by the secretary >> is there a second? it has been seconded. would you like to speak to your amendment? >> if this is proving to be not necessary i'm happy to be corrected, for this question, it has come up during the convention about why certain states that the majority for a certain candidate has not provided certificate and i don't know if there is a form or should be a form that is available to provide that on. now, certainly it is meat. in the future, for this five state and perhaps mr. king is the answer to this, i'm curious what form the certificate is to
10:11 pm
take if it is not a form for -- provided by the secretary. thank you. >> anyone who rises in opposition? mr. blackwell, are resident opposition --rising in opposition? >> i want to speak in favor. >> the gentleman from west virginia. >> i think the supposed amendment is rich in. it serves the purposes. call thesk that we question at this moment. on the amendment to the amended. >> previous question is in order. we will move to a vote on cutting off debate on the amendment to the amendment. all those in favor of cutting off of it? any opposed? the motion passes. to ae now moving directly
10:12 pm
vote on the motion itself. the motion is that we insert following the word certificate upon a form provided by the secretary. all of those in favor of adoption, police say. opposed, next, we will move me, we aret, excuse back to the main motion. we are now voting on the main motion. we will continue to debate the main motion. my apologies.
10:13 pm
>> i just wanted to say one thing. i'm from wisconsin. has the support of my friend, the chairman of our national committee. his wholehearted support. thank you. is there anyone else would like to rise in opposition? question?sk a >i believe we talked about this. but say we have a delegation of 30 and it was signed by 10 as a plurality, and then someone other than, 11 delegates from file ae state, they then , how do signed by 11 you know it is a plurality?
10:14 pm
how are we going to know that. you simply have to have the requisite number of signatures from that state. you have to have more than any other. if two different petitions came in and one had 10 signatures and the other had 11 signatures. the one with the 11 signatures will control. you do not have to have a majority, but you have to have more votes than any other entity in your delegation. submit aate could petition or certificate and it would be considered valid unless some other group with a larger aurality would then offer second petition with more delegates? >> i believe if there was any question as to the validity, that the chairman of the
10:15 pm
convention would have the opportunity to check with the delegation. not necessarily from the podium, but that is certainly something that would be researched to make certain that it was valid. >> thank you. people who seek to be recognized, let's go to mr. back well first. -- blackwell first. >> i support this proposal. i've had a conversation with mr. amendment.this it will essentially restore the circumstances that were passed into our rules in 2008 with a threshold of a plurality of the delegates in at least five states. that fivers when majority,shold was a and was employed, the purpose
10:16 pm
of to reduce the number favorite son candidates so the convention could proceed with its business. it was generally understood. conventions, notwithstanding the threshold, votes that were cast by legitimate delegates who were acting in accord with their state party rules had their workedounted, which they in tampa bay because of the change, they had their votes included in the final tally. king if he agreed that the proposal restored that previous set of circumstances and would not disenfranchise newly elected delegates for voting for somebody who they may
10:17 pm
and ite been down for still their votes would be counted in the final tally. he agrees with my understanding of that. that is one reason i'm enthusiastically supporting his amendment. thank you. >> thank you. mr. devito. >> hires the committee to vote yes -- i urged the committee to vote yes on this amendment. we are hours away from nominating the next president and vice president of the united states. and it feels like it when. >> the previous question has been called and is in order. we will medially moved to a vote to can -- conclude debate. all of those in favor of concluding debate? all those opposed? we will now move to an immediate vote on this particular
10:18 pm
amendment. all those in favor of adopting the amendment, police say -- please say aye. ayes have it. i believe it was unanimous. [applause] >> madam chair. despite the unanimity of the panel, a move for reconsideration. reconsideration has been moved and seconded. if you voted you, for reconsideration you are voting to continue debate. if you vote against reconsideration, you are voting for for no more debate. all of those in favor of continuing debate to reconsideration? all those opposed? finally disposed
10:19 pm
of in my personal opinion will not sway, not that it would have anyway, i'm very glad and i want to express my appreciation that that has been in our flesh for over four years now that caused so much disappointment and so much trouble has finally been removed . thank you, mr. king. [applause] to the motionve on real number 40 be. come onould like to let's see, where issue. here she comes. you are recognized for the purpose of making a motion. thank you. i would like to move the proposed language that in the first sentence you strike the word majority and substitute the word plurality.
10:20 pm
and substitute 8 the word 5 in both places. and the second sentence, struck the words or any rule of the house of representatives. >> that chair is going to point out to the body that we have just passed the first two items of this particular amendment. we have changed the word majority to plurality and we have stricken the word 8 and substituted the word 5. would be the final sentence. is there a second? hearing none, and. -- it is done. amendment 42.1. also proposed by mrs. andrea. the 42.acts
10:21 pm
the chair will recognize you for the purpose of making a motion. i would like to propose the language, struck the existing language entirety, they shall apply to the adjournment of the 2016 convention and rules 26 through 42 should constitute the standing rules of the convention and temporary rules of the 2020 convention. second? >> it has been moved and seconded. i think it is explanatory. setting into order exactly what we have done here today and tonight. what are thefying standing rules and what he temporary rules. >> is there someone who would rise in opposition to the
10:22 pm
motion? >> tennessee. i rise in opposition and urgent of on this amendment. i believe it to be unnecessary one-25 remain in effect when they are adopted and there remain in effect going into the next convention as found by the court last week. are exactlyy rules that. temporary rules. you have a set of rules which have no practical effects since they deal with matters of the republican national committee and the delegate selection process. they have no practical effect until after the convention goes out back into the world and the new rnc convenes on friday morning. the convention rules take effect at the convention as adopted by the convention.
10:23 pm
it is an unnecessary role and i would urge a no vote. >> anyone else who wishes to rise in support? >> i would rise in support of this. clarifies an area that evidently many people are confused about in this body. a lot of people that are under the impression that a rule in the 1-25 apply to this convention and being rule 16. i don't quite that the reference to a court case that had nothing to do with this by the previous speaker. this is a very clear and distinct language that identifies the difference between the convention rules and the rules that do not pertain to the convention and therefore it would be wise to vote yes. >> the gentleman from west virginia?
10:24 pm
>> i stand in opposition. i believe the rule is insufficient. i move the previous question. >> previous question is in order. we will move merely to a vote on closing debate. all of those in favor of closing debate? any opposed? the motion carries. ladies and gentlemen, before we moved to a but, i want to let you know that i can say we have some carpet pulling away here, if there's anyone left in the room, we would like to get the repair before somebody falls and hurts themselves. thank you for trying to fix it. here comes gordon, the magic man who fixes everything in this room. i don't want to see any of us take a tumble when had done so well today. as they work on that, we will move to a vote on the main
10:25 pm
motion. all those in favor of adopting the motion, say i. opposed? nays have it. we will proceed to an amendment. it is delightful to see you again. i move reconsideration. is there a second? we will vote on reconsideration. by now you know what it means. all those in favor of leaving debate open on this issue, please vote aye. nays have it. reconsideration is prescribed. have one-four mms to go. past, out of the precipitate and have many more to go.
10:26 pm
all right. we will keep plugging along. we go to an amendment by mr. blackwell. 2.1.a multiple amendments 2.1. if you would like to approach the microphone, you will be recognized for the purpose of making a motion. >> thank you. designeddment is not to change the rules in any way but it moves that portion of row 16 which has to do with the
10:27 pm
operation of the convention from rule 16 to rule 40. which is where it ought to be. i'm not suggesting that we change this but we put that rule where it belongs because it has to do with the conduct of the convention. >> thank you. if there anyone who rises in opposition? oppositionrises and -- in opposition? are you rising in opposition or support? >> opposition. i wish to move the question. >> all right. the previous question is in order. all of those in favor? >> a point of information. we've indulged the practice of arguing and then moving the question, but i would like to rule from the parliament terry whether that is correct or not. >> the parliamentarians are not
10:28 pm
allowed to make the ruling, i need to make a ruling. the gentleman is correct. we have been letting it be lax because that seemed to be the will of the body. however, if it is the body's will, i will certainly be more strict in applying the rule. any opportunity to revisit earlier instances in which that occurred? >> no sir. we do not have a valid previous question on the floor. the previous question has been made. all of those in favor of closing debate on this item, please say aye. opposed? ayes have it. we will move to a vote on the main motion. amendmentse in favor,
10:29 pm
ma 2.1. those opposed? nays clearly have it. i moved to reconsider. i was on the prevailing side. >> all of those in favor of reconsideration and leaving debate open. all those opposed? no has it. amendment number 43.1. by mr.s been submitted kettle bomb of missouri was recognized for the purpose of making a motion. >> thank you. we have all been, i will move the adoption of amendment 43.1. >> thank you. second? >> i don't think they know what
10:30 pm
the amendment is. let me read the amendment since we have the famous logo up. >> 42.1. -- 43.1. and contact information of delegate members of the convention rules committee shall be confidential. system byall create a which the public may contact the designated committeeman or committeewoman by state that permits the delegate members to retrieve those messages. the motion has been made. it has been seconded. you like to address your motion? >> we have all been subjected to hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of messages from people who have wanted to voice
10:31 pm
their concerns mainly about one process, i'm the sure a number of us have been frustrated in trying to figure out which of the messages we have received were messages that contain information about the rules committee, the operation of the rules committee and the convention as opposed to the opinions of people who wanted to on theheir views, conscience amendment. factis a result of the that the current rnc rules, not allention rules make public the information, all of our contact information as delegates. i think it is time to bring us into the 21st century. rncnology exists where the could set up something like a
10:32 pm
dropbox where people could send their comments because the messages that have been sent out have been virtually identical to all of us as delegate members of the rules committee. docould then, at some of us in our current occupation professions could then access that dropbox or whatever system the rnc decided they wanted to retrieve thoseto messages and review them so that what would be accomplished is that members of the public, republicans, the delegates would have the opportunity to express their views as delegate members of the rules committee and we would have the opportunity to review that information without being inundated with information that might obscure and prevent
10:33 pm
us from retrieving more official communications. ruleed the adoption of 43.1. >> thank you. i am advised by counsel that there is a potential conflict and so what i would like to do objection is to set your motion aside to allow you to approach counsel tables and figure out exactly what language you would need to include to do away with the conflict. >> thank you, ma'am. aside whileet that we get that question resolved. we will go to amendment 43.2. it has been submitted by mr. ross of nevada. it would create a new rule and you are recognized for the purpose of making a motion. >> i have to consent of the committee to withdraw the
10:34 pm
motion. >> without objection, so ordered. all right. withdrawn. mei can get counsel to give some additional amendments. some right here. next, you will see that these new amendments are going pointnumbered final whatever number it is. that is because of the cut out date we have established the all these amended came in from the time we voted to suspend the rules and are 9:30 cut off. that is why they are numbered differently. .9.e not to take up final they are just giving these me to me in whatever order they come. at their able to get them into
10:35 pm
the system. all right. submittedit has been by mr. hubbard of north dakota. if you would approach the , you will be recognize for the purpose of making an amendment. excuse me, making a motion. i intended to make a motion to introduce the concept of a midterm national convention but in light of the interest of getting out of here, i think maybe somebody else can bring that on. [laughter] i withdraw. >> without objection it is withdrawn. i thought i heard mr. king have a sharp intake of breath at the idea of having another one in two years.
10:36 pm
submitted from colorado. if you would like to approach the microphone. you will be recognized for the purpose of making a motion. >> i will withdrawn my mentor. my amendment. >> that objection. withdrawn. it has been proposed. >> parliamentary inquiry. to the extent of that we are ,ealing with these final amendments, and they are withdrawn, are they able to be hindered downstream at some future point? >> not if they don't want the chairman to do my gavel at them. >> what about under parliamentary rules? >> once they have been withdrawn without objection, they are no
10:37 pm
longer viable. >> thank you. >> they would have to bring them to the body again before we adjourn. >> thank you. gavelcomment about the stands. >>, to inquiry. wouldy would draw, they be after the 9:30 deadline. >> the gentleman is correct. once they have been withdrawn, they would have to start all over again and we have already voted to suspend the rules and not allow any submissions after 9:30. i think the gentleman for his point of order. right, the amendment, final .11. you're a cannot for the purpose of making a motion. b tomoved to amend rule 28 insert the word guests, word
10:38 pm
press. second?ere a >if you would like to address the bod. a difference of opinion on receiving e-mails and phone calls and text messages and facebook messages, i don't consider it being subjected to, i appreciate the input and we have certainly solicited that from folks in idaho that has an input with regards to amounts and this is one of those that had a conversation with who happen to be a guest of the idaho delegation and they mentioned that while in subsection c it makes clear that entitled to a guest pass, that there are additional guest passes that are ,rovided to the state party
10:39 pm
there is actually no provision that designates there is a place for the guests to be housed. certainly subsection a guest to the issue of who is allowed to go on the convention floor and then be talks about press and staff being admitted to the section or sections of the hall authorize to them. there is nothing specific in rule 28 with regard to guests. guests have their own section where they are seated separate from the delegates, alternates, the press, the staff, the incumbent governors and senators , and, congressman. that is the purpose for this amendment. and i appreciate being brought to the attention by what our guests. >> thank you. >> a question. i moved the previous question.
10:40 pm
make privilege. >> privilege motion. >> it is not a privilege motion. i understand your intent, but i'm going to recognize the veto. -- mr. devito. >> i oppose this amount. >> anyone else who wishes to be recognized in support of the amendment? anyone opposed to the amendment? >> i'm of the previous question. -- move the previous question. debate. some closing those opposed? directly a vote on them and motion. all of those in favor of adopting the motion? any opposed? nays have it. .e will go to his final .12
10:41 pm
this amends rule 33 and. he is a recognized. -- he is recognized. madam chair, i moved that rule 33 with regard to platform resolutions be amended in writing and sending the words or an electronic format which is capable of being displayed at the committee meeting. >> is there a second? it has been seconded. if you would like to address the body. thatis was a suggestion was made to me today by one of our delegates watching the proceedings here today and enjoy the fact that we had everything up on the dais and not sure on the screen, i'm not sure they understood the difference between a resolution and the rules committee. it occurs to me that if things
10:42 pm
can be submitted in a format that can be displayed at the committee meeting, that is what is provided to staff, it would not be necessary for it to be submitted in writing so i forward that as a proposed amendment to rule 33. thank you. >> if there someone who rises in opposition? >> i stand in opposition. i believe it is unnecessary. i called the question. all of those in favor? we did it again. he argued and then made a motion. the proletarians are letting me know that is in order. -- parliamentarians are letting me know that is in order. we will move to directly produce questions. all those in favor say i? opposed?
10:43 pm
i need you to be a little louder. all of those in favor of any please say hi? i know you're tired. we will vote on the main motion. those in favor of adopting final .12. all those opposed? nays have it. amendmenthe final .22 to rule 33. if you would like to approach the microphone. you will be recognized for the purpose of making a motion. duplicate of the mm it that was rejected. i think it should be withdrawn. >> without objection, so ordered.
10:44 pm
we have some more. thank you. final point 13. this amends rule 304a your recognized. thank you. i would move that rule 30 48 be a byed by striking -- 34 two hours. >> it has been seconded. madam chair. couple months of the broadcast on c-span today, i received a text message from one of our alternates suggesting that one hour is an impossible time frame
10:45 pm
, i don't know if that is true or not but it occurred to me that sending that to not later than two hours after the time with such committee votes shall be accompanied by a petition evidencing a minimum of 25% of the membership of such committee is more than reasonable for a minority report. perhaps someone is because to hour buthy it is one when that point was made earlier amendmentrafted this and appreciate the opportunity to provide it. >> thank you. anyone who would like to rise in opposition? the gentleman from up -- alabama. >> i appreciate all the mm as we have seen and dealt with tonight. we've gone to quite a few things. i think this is probably very self explanatory. you probably know where we will be on it. with that i would like to move to the previous question.
10:46 pm
the previous question has been moved. is there a second? all those opposed? we will move to a vote on the main motion. all those in favor of adopting the amendment, police say high. those opposed? nays have it. he has worked with counsel. >> parliamentary inquiry. moveld like to reconsideration of the item just discussed. favor?those in you are all caught up now. as opposed? nays have it. for therecognized
10:47 pm
purpose of, you will just call it your newly amended motion. ofwith the able assistance the consul's office and , wecially mr. turgeon ski have gone back to the rnc rule itself and made an amendment that i think you can see it displayed, that i will move the following amendment and read it because the hour is late and everybody's eyes are blurred. the rnc ruleend and it would read as amended as follows. no later than 25 days prior to the national convention. all members of each of the various convention committees shall be provided the most current listing of their fellow committee members names. this would then take out the
10:48 pm
additional with complete contact information. this would be the additional amendment. the contact information of rules committee shall be confidential. the rnc shall create a system by which the public may contact the designated rules committee man or woman by state that permits the delegate members to retrieve those messages. i will move the adoption of that amendment. >> thank you. is there a second? would you like to further address this? >> as i was saying earlier, i believe that coming into the 21st century with the technology that we have we can avoid the situation that we all experience with respect to this particular rules committee and the number of messages we received on perhaps a single issue which
10:49 pm
prevented us from easily accessing the messages of a more official nature but at the giving individual delegates and others the opportunity to exercise their thet to contact members of committee with their views in information they want to present in a centralized database which can then be accessed by the delegates when they want at the times that they want and still allow the official communications to come directly to the contact information of those delegates. i will move the adoption of this amendment. >> anyone who rises in opposition? the lady from wyoming. the lady from wyoming is recognized to rise in opposition. >> i rise in opposition. we believe in a representative arm of government.


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